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We assist employees and employers with a number of services designed to help people work better together and to feel better in the workplace. We help both employees and employers improve macro and micro-level processes and we recommend accommodations as needed for each situation. Please visit our CISM, DCM and military-specific pages for more information.

Employee Assistant Program (EAP) services are pre-paid behavioral health sessions that some employers offer as a benefit to employees. These sessions are often free for the employee to use. We recommend that all EAP questions are directed to specific employers and their Human Resources departments so that employees can get accurate information about EAP services. We are in network with most EAP companies including but not limited to: Aetna’s Resources for Living Compsych EAP Health Advocates Lyra Optum EAP and SEAP EAP services are usually authorized, which means the employee needs to contact the EAP company and have the sessions specifically authorized to them for use. In many cases, the authorization will have a specific series of numbers attached to it, often called an authorization number. We need this number provided to us at the time of scheduling the first appointment. If the EAP company emails it to the employee, we ask that it is forwarded to us at appointments@hopeandmeaning.com. We can also have authorizations faxed to us at (267) 363-3220. When the EAP sessions are used and/or expire, we are happy to move to using commercial managed care insurance or private pay. We can review your options at the time of scheduling the first appointment so that you are able to plan how best to use your EAP benefits and commercial insurance benefits.