Reduced Rate Services

The Low-Fee Counseling Program exists to serve the community who is most in need of reduced rates for counseling. We understand that for many families, high deductibles and copays can hold families back from being able to afford counseling services for their families.


If you are a potential client, please email us or call (267) 528-9037 to set up services and mention any disability case management needs during that time.

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We try to help families with high commercial insurance costs as well as those who do not have insurance by offering reduced rates for counseling with our interns. The cost is $35 for each hour-long session with additional rates for as-needed support with IEPs and 504 plans outside of counseling as well as any necessary reports or paperwork needed for Family Court, school districts, pediatricians and other related professionals.

Symptom management provided by HMC interns is an important supplement to therapy. It consists of a detailed clinical interview in which the client provides up-to-date information on how they are experiencing their mental health symptoms, how they are progressing towards treatment, and any changes in their current mental health status. The intern can perform the clinical interview and then provide feedback and guidance to the client that is complimentary to the therapy sessions the client is having with a therapist. Symptom management sessions can ensure that clients stay in touch with HMC in the event that they need to miss a therapy session, and symptom management assists HMC in writing reports for court and employers as requested and in submitting complete disability claims to standard. Symptom management sessions are provided free of charge to clients identified as being in need of them, and they are not billed to insurance or to EAP benefit allotments. Symptom management can also be performed by HMC in the event that a client is seen for healthcare services outside of HMC and support is needed in monitoring mental health symptoms. In this event, HMC can support clients with open communication involving the treating healthcare provider and the client will be asked to sign a Release of Information (ROI) as appropriate. For further information, please contact or 267-528-9037.