Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a type of psychotheraputic healthcare service in which a trained mental health professional helps an individual person work through personal issues. It is also called therapy, psychotherapy, psychosocial therapy, talk therapy, and counseling.


If you are a potential client, please email us or call (267) 528-9037 to set up services and mention any disability case management needs during that time.

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The goal of therapy can be to inspire change and/or improve quality of life using evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices. Therapy is considered a healthcare service in which an intake session with an appropriate diagnosis is completed followed by a treatment plan and followup sessions that support the treatment goals using practices that are known by trained mental health professionals to be effective in treating the diagnosed condition. Individual therapy is considered to be a form of healthcare that is billable to insurance companies, claims processors and employee assistance programs (EAPs) and it will involve the creation and confidential storage of a medical record that can be accessed by the treating healthcare provider and any insurance company or EAP that reimburses for the healthcare services provided as well as claims processors who require documented treatment for disability claims.

At Hope and Meaning Counseling, masters-level therapists who have completed a minimum of a masters degree in a counseling-related field with provide individual therapy for commercial insurance and/or EAP companies in accordance with their individual licensing requirements. The cost of individual therapy will vary according to how it is being paid for – insurance companies and EAP companies will vary in reimbursement rates, copays and deductibles. HMC will support the individual in determining amounts owed according to their insurance and EAP policies, but ultimately it will be the insurance or EAP company who dictates reimbursements and expenses. All HMC therapists are able to provide therapy at private pay rates without using insurance and/or EAP benefits. Graduate student interns may also provide individual therapy while supervised by both HMC therapists as well as their graduate program staff, however intern-provided therapy is private-pay only at a reduced rate of $35/hr. In some cases, interns may be available for pro bono therapy depending on financial need.