Disability Case Management

When a mental health-related illness or injury prevents people from working as they would normally. We are glad to provide counseling and case management support for short-term and long-term disability claims. We can also work with people in need of accommodations, excusal from work letters, FMLA leave, and a variety of other supports needed in order to help people take care of their mental health while also protecting their jobs and enhancing their ability to work effectively


If you are a potential client, please email us or call (267) 528-9037 to set up services and mention any disability case management needs during that time.

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Disability case management focuses on assessing individuals for services in order to address mental health needs. We focus on advocating on behalf of clients with mental health disabilities, facilitating communication between clients, insurance companies and claims processors; assessing and reviewing clients’ needs; and identifying appropriate interventions that promote a greater level of functioning for clients. The philosophy underlying disability case management is that helping clients achieve their highest level of functioning is beneficial for everyone: the client, service providers, the healthcare and insurance systems, and society as a whole. By increasing clients’ level of functioning, autonomy, and capabilities, disability case management not only ensures the optimal level of independence for disabled individuals, it also ensures the timely application of services in a fiscally responsible manner.

We use a teamwork approach to make sure that our clients’ needs are met holistically and all paperwork is submitted correctly and on time. We often get referrals directly from insurance companies for new clients in need of support, but we are also able to work with people who are referred to us from other therapists and doctors, as well as existing clients who are presenting a need to use disability benefits.

We begin with an intake session with any necessary assessments and we offer both counseling sessions and separate symptom management sessions. We design and implement individualized treatment plans that address the reasons why our clients need accommodations and/or absences from work, and we support clients throughout their entire treatment and recovery process. We often see clients anywhere from 1-3 hours per week depending on their specific needs. We liaison closely with insurance companies and claims processors, and we provide records for review as requested, at no cost to our clients. When other professionals are involved in a client’s care, such as substance abuse professionals (SAP), legal representatives and employee assistance programs (EAPs), we able glad to communicate with them as well with a signed release.

If you are an existing client, please email any forms needing to be completed to appointments@hopeandmeaning.com so that we can properly route them to your counselor, or feel free to email your counselor directly. If you are a potential client, please email us or call (267) 528-9037 to set up services and mention any disability case management needs during that time.