Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is offered by experienced clinicians for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people have goals of working to save a relationship, other times couples counseling can help in deciding the future of a relationship, planning for separation/divorce, or reunification after a separation.


If you are a potential client, please email us or call (267) 528-9037 to set up services and mention any disability case management needs during that time.

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Couples counseling may or may not be covered by insurance, and we are happy to consult with you and help you determine the payment arrangements for your situation. When couples counseling occurs within the context of supporting a partner with a behavioral health diagnosis, sometimes it can be covered by insurance – an example might be how a couple can navigate one partner’s substance abuse recovery process. Other times, couples counseling will address social and relational concerns that are not covered by insurance, but are still important to resolve – an example might be a couple in which neither partner has a behavioral health diagnosis, but they each want to improve communication skills. Sometimes couples will meet with a counselor together, and sometimes they will meet with the counselor individually and come together for certain sessions as a couple. We are happy to take the time to listen to your situation and help you determine the best path forward to match your needs.

We have clinicians who have worked with various court systems, legal processes and related agencies – we are happy to serve couples who may need to attend counseling together in support of various legal proceedings. We are able to write reports and provide summaries, please contact us directly for more information.