Anthony Soliman, Mental Health Counseling

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Cathrin Emerick, Social Work


Adela Spencer, Mental Health Counseling


Dana Ibrahim-Battle, Social Work

Tina Zink, Marriage and Family Therapy

HMC interns are students in various counseling and social work graduate programs. Interns are supervised by both their college faculty, all of whom are clinically-licensed educators; and also by HMC clinicians. HMC interns and supervisors take a teamwork approach to supporting clients – the interns will work directly with clients, sometimes with an HMC clinician present, and outside of therapy, they are consulting on client situations – discussing recommendations, sharing insights, and incorporating evidence-based best practices into treatment plans and therapy as a whole. The benefit for clients who work with interns is that while they may be working one-on-one with an intern in session, they can be assured that there are multiple experienced professionals who are taking an interest in their work and providing input, which creates a very holistic and nuanced course of therapy for the client.

Our interns are able to offer reduced rates for community members, which helps fulfill an HMC goal of providing affordable healthcare to the community. Please contact us directly for further information.