W2, full-time or part-time

Work Duties:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Assess patients and diagnose mental health issues. Create a treatment plan for patients based on the needs of the individual. Refer patients to other healthcare professionals if necessary. Provide a combination of individual, group, families or couples counseling/therapy. Monitor progress during treatment and create a comfortable environment for clients to be treated in. Complete documentation in a timely manner. Solicit/provide consultation from team members as needed. Ability to work through telehealth formats with option to work in-person.

Pre-licensed therapists must participate in paid supervision which may be either a group format or an individual format.

Required Experience:

  • PRE-LICENSED POSITIONS: Graduation from an accredited masters-program with a degree qualifying for a clinical license.
  • LICENSED POSITIONS: The following licensed credentials are accepted – Licensed Mental Health Counselor – LMHC, Licensed Clinical Social Worker – LCSW, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – LMFT, Licensed Professional Counselor – LPC, or Psychologist (PhD/PsyD)

Personal Qualities:

  • Effective attention to detail, organization and task management skills.
  • Critical thinking, a mature presentation and problemsolving skills.
  • Interpersonal skills: patience, professionalism, assertiveness.

A therapist must be able to engage well with clients and create a therapeutic environment that inspires trust and motivation. A therapist is expected to retain a majority of clients throughout treatment, and to proactively address miscommunication, changing goals and other distractions.

All employees are expected to refer to the Employee Handbook and their contracts for answers to HR-related questions and to assertively and proactively communicate concerns to HMC leadership.

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